Advertiser can set budget parameters while creating/ editing any campaign from campaign screen.

Daily budget

Limit the daily spent by providing daily budget for the campaign. You can provide this parameter if the Budget pacing is OFF. During Budget Pacing ON, system will effectively calculate the daily budget on its own ( It divide the total budget equally to number of days the campaign will run based provided Start and End date & time. )

Total Budget

It is campaign's total budget. Platform will automatically calculate Daily budget from total budget if the Budget pacing is ON. Campaign will stop running after spending the total budget. In this case the campaign is called Expired. You may need to add more funds in case the platform exceeded the budget or to re-run the campaign. 

Max Bid

Max Bid is maximum amount advertiser can provide for platform to bid for each 1000 impressions. Advertiser can setup this value for each campaign.

Budget Pacing

Advertiser allow platform to maintain equal spending throughout the campaign period. If Budget pacing is ON, platform will calculate daily budget based on the campaign start date, end date, and total budget. 

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