Platform allow advertiser to run campaigns on specific geolocations. Following options are available to target audience geographically.

  • Target States
  • Geo Fencing based targeting
  • Audience targeting based on Zip codes
  • Target specific Congressional Districts, State Senate, State House ( Click here to read more on this )

Select geo locations while campaign creations / edit

As displayed in above image. Follow these steps while creating/editing campaign to select Audience geographically:

Step 1:  Click on New campaign button after login at (Or go to edit camapign, click here to know how to reach edit campaign screen )

Step 2: Scroll down to Audience Targeting section, select Location tab to see available location based targeting options

Step 3: Target specific locations from Audience Targeting section

  • Select specific geo fence area and apply raduis, preview is available on right side to see how much area the applied radius covers. To confirm, click on Add button. You can see a list of location you confirmed for targeting in a table below.
  • Another option is State based targeting, select state from the given dropdown. Search state and make selections. The campaign will run on selected states.
  • You can also target audience from specific zip codes, Go to ZipCode tab and provide list of zip-codes (comma separated format)
  • Additionally, you can also target audience from specific Congressional District, State Senate and State House. ¬†Click here to know more.

Once you are good with setting up targeting, click on Save or Run Campaign to proceed further.

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