Following are the campaign statuses and their meaning in platform:

  • Draft: Campaign gets a Draft status when any advertiser creates a campaign and saves as draft. Advertiser can edit the draft version to make changes.
  • Pending: After filling up all the valid details in campaign creation page, advertiser sends a campaign for approval. Pending status means campaign is under approval. (Once approved, campaign ¬†status will be Running)
  • Running: Campaign is currently running based on provided budget, dates and other audience targeting information.¬†
  • Paused: Advertiser can pause any running campaign. Paused campaign can be resumed by advertiser.
  • Expired: Based on the provided end-date and time of any campaign, campaign stops running, this status is called Expired. Expired campaign can be re-run by advertiser.
  • Deleted: Advertiser can delete any campaign. Further, advertiser can duplicate any deleted campaign.

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