Following are the campaign statuses and their meaning in platform:

  • Draft: Advertiser created a campaign but the campaign did not run till now. Advertiser can edit the draft version as ¬†many times as he wants.
  • Pending: After filling up all the valid details in campaign creation page, advertiser send the campaign for approval. Pending status means campaign is under approval. (once approve, campaign status shifts to Running)
  • Running: Campaign is currently running based on provided budget and information.¬†
  • Paused: Advertiser can pause any running campaign, that campaign will have status Paused. Paused campaign can be resumed by advertiser.
  • Expired: Based on the provided end-date and time of any campaign, campaign stops running, this status is called Expired. Expired campaign can be re-run by advertiser.
  • Deleted: Advertiser can delete any campaign. Advertiser can only duplicate a deleted campaign, hence deleted campaign can not re-run ever.

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