Advertiser can create a campaign with following creative ad types:

  • Banner
  • Video
  • HTML
  • Audio
  • Ticker Banner
  • GOTV

For more information on creative types, click here

Steps to create a campaign:

  1. Open in browser and login with Advertiser credentials. (if you forgot your password, you can reset it here)
  2. On successful login, you will land on Dashboard screen. Now, click on New Campaign button on top-left side.
  3. Add campaign information and details in first section, i.e. Campaign info. 
  • Campaign Name 
  • Country, Timezone 
  • Advertiser Domain, Publisher category
  • Budget Pacing, Daily budget, Max Bid (Click here for more info)
  • Creative Types, Campaign Type
  • Campaign Group (Click here for more info)
  • Device Type, Campaign Start Date & time and End Date & time

4. Upload creatives and checkout previews. click here to understand what information to be provided for each creative types.

Provide all the creative specific information ( following is the banner ad sample)

5. Provide Audience Targeting information

Here, you can target audience by 

  • Technology ( Carriers, Network types, Traffic, Device Manufacturer, OS )
  • Location ( Geo Fencing, Zipcode, DMA, Cong. Dist., State Senate, State House )
  • Bid Strategies ( Conv. Optimization, Bid Optimization, Bid Pacing, Impression Capping, Budget Capping )
  • Advanced Targeting ( Select Exchanges, Whitelist / Blacklist specific or groups of inventories or Audiences, Deal IDs )
  • Selecting any time-slots of the day (Schedule the campaign run time)
  • Selecting the segments of audience from available options

Click here to know more about targeting options.

6. Finally, click on Run Campaign button. It will send your campaign for approval. On approval, the advertiser will receive a notification email.

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