Audience Tags are the Script tag which can be placed into a website to collect users as Audience. Later, the collected audience can be used as target for any new campaign.

IQM uses javascript tags as the preferred option for collecting website users as audience or to track the behaviour. 

When you set up a campaign, specifically retargeting campaigns, you can either target or exclude the collected audience.

Creating a new Audience Tag

Step 1: Go to 'Create Tag'

  1. Go to Advertiser dashboard by visiting 
  2. Navigate to Groups -> Audience -> Tags, click on CREATE TAG button to begin.

Step 2:  Fill information & Click Create

  1. Provide Tag name which you would like to refer this tag as. 
  2. Select the period in which your audience (or collected users) visited on website. For e.g. In a case where you might want to target your audience who visited your specific webpage or website in last 2 months, then select 2 months.
  3. Click on Create button

You can see the created Tags in list as below.

Further, you can Edit the Tag or remove it by Clicking on Delete.

Step 3: Copy & Paste the generated Script Tag code into your website

  1. Copy the generated Script Tag code by clicking Copy button next to the code 

2. Paste the Script Tag code into the HTML part of the webpage. The code should ideally placed just before the </body>  closing body tag.

Once you place the Script Tag into your website, it will start collecting audiences. You can check how many audience gets collected using any Tag, to see it, just go to Groups -> Audience -> Tags Page. 

You can see number of unique visitors been collected on each tag as Uniques.

We recommend you to wait till your Audience count gets mature and reaches at-least 1000 audience after embedding Tags in website. It will help you to derive the best results when get targeted in any campaign.

Step 4: Creating Retargeting Campaign

  1. Click on New Campaign button from Top bar to create a new campaign. 

    Alternatively you can Edit any campaign to attach this audience as target.

 2. Fill all the required details for campaign, to select Created Audience Tag, in Campaign Creation page, navigate to Audience Targeting -> Advanced -> Toggle the Whitelist ->  Retargeting Tag

Select Tag Name from the dropdown options.

Similarly, you can also exclude the Audience from the campaign target. To exclude, navigate to Audience Targeting -> Advanced -> Toggle the Blacklist ->  Retargeting Tag. Select the Audience Tag name from dropdown options.

Now you are all setup to run the Retargeting Campaign. 😃 

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