Ticket Banner Creatives are scrolling display advertisements that appear at the bottom of websites. When creating this creative, you can preview your ad and make adjustments accordingly.

You will be asked to fill in the following required details,

  • Creative Name
    When naming your creative. Make sure it’s something memorable and directly related to your objectives. It helps to add the month and year to creative names for quicker reference.
  • Logo
    Optimal size for this image/logo is 50x50 pixels. Max size is 100x50 pixels.
  • Creative Message
    Enter your advertisements message here. This field has a character limit of 140 characters. 
  • Background & Text color
    Style your message by customizing colors that best compliment your ticket banner.
  • Ticket Speed
    This is how fast your ticket banner scrolls across the screen. On default this is on Medium speed, but you may decide if you want it slower or faster.
  • Tap Action
    The resulting action when user interacts with your ad. You can direct the user to a website(URL) by selecting Website or you can show them a phone number to call for more details by selecting Call.

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