GOTV(Get out to vote) Creatives are display advertisements that are focused on showing users where their nearest polling location is and the election date.

Remember to check out the previews on the right to see how your GOTV ads will display on different display sizes. You can also select/de-select specific sizes you want to run on different platforms(mobile, desktop).

To create your GOTV ad, you will need to fill in these required fields,

  • Creative Name
    When naming your creative. Make sure it’s something memorable and directly related to your objectives. It helps to add the month and year to creative names for quicker reference.
  • Click URL
    The Click URL is the link that you want to direct users to when they click on your ad(s).
  • With/Without Photo
    You have the option to run this ad with or without a photo. 
  • Header
    The main message of your ad. We recommend keep this to a few words.
    For example:
    Do you know who to vote for? 
  • Footer Texts
    Secondary messages for your ad. We have a field for Footer Text 1 & 2. Again, we recommend keeping it to a few words.
    For example:
    Text 1: Vote for
    Text 2: "Candidates Name"
  • Disclaimer
    Any statement you would like to include to protect yourself from legal liability.
  • Voters & Location
    Upload the details of your voters and locations here via a .CSV file. You can download a sample template of the .CSV file by clicking the download button highlighted in the screenshot below. 

Optional field,

  • Calendar Date
    If you know the election date, it's best practice to include it. When users click on the "calendar" icon in the creative, they will be prompted to add the election date to their calendars.
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