From within Audience Groups, create custom groups from all your active/inactive campaigns' data and filter the engagement by Clicks, Conversions or Impressions for re-targeting.

What does that mean? Here's an example,
If you have Campaigns X, Y and Z.

  • Campaign X saw 10,000 impressions, 500 clicks and 50 conversions.
  • Campaign Y saw 100,000 impressions, 15,000 clicks and 10,000 conversions.
  • Campaign Z saw 2000 impressions, 20 clicks and 10 conversions.

You can create an Audience group selecting the above campaigns and re-target only the users who clicked and converted from the ad(s) by using the filter.

IQM Tags

Generate a pixel tag to add into your ad(s), website or any url to track the users interactions. You can target this tag specifically in the future as well.

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